Space Rogues Cast & Crew


Captain Janet Vanderdecken		Telf
Commander Brion Fields			Michael O'Brien
Ensign Katrina Watson			Kim Swartz
Chief Paul Herrera			Chris Impink
Captain Jason Wyst			David Goshorn
Commander Meara Kyle			Deirdre Root
Amy					Amy Sheets
Dr. Befren				Chris Lauricella
Dr. Jenkins				Patrick Foley
Thomas J. Murrow IV			Lloyd Eldred
Jim Hicks				Mark Mandolia
Richard					John Franklin
Leslie Kyle				Deirdre Root
Richard Murrow				Lloyd Eldred
Fearless the Cat			Smudgey
Comm Officer				James Stanuszek
Mirage Crewman #2			Yvonne Bennett
Mirage Crewman #3			Eric Pawtowski
Telf					Tessa Dalton
Superion Pilot				Lloyd Eldred
Alpha Station Voice			Jerry Conner


Executive Producer			Lloyd Eldred
Associate Producer			Deirdre Root
Directed by				Lloyd Eldred
					Patrick Foley 
Assistant Directors			David Goshorn
					Deirdre Root
					Jerry Conner
Second Assistant Director		John Franklin
Editors					Deirdre Root
					Lloyd Eldred
Music					Pat Savelli
Space Rogues T.S.E. created by		Lloyd Eldred
					Patrick Foley
Based on the novels of			Lloyd Eldred
Written by				Lloyd Eldred
Script Editors				Patrick Foley
					Deirdre Root
					David Goshorn
					Ron Jarrell
					Lloyd Eldred
					Amy Muhovich-Box
Sets					Lloyd Eldred
					Deirdre Root
					David Goshorn
					Scott Hargrose
Props					Lloyd Eldred
					Deirdre Root
					Jerry Conner
					Michael O'Brien
Costume Design				Lloyd Eldred
					Deirdre Root
					David Goshorn
Camera Operators			Lloyd Eldred
					Mark Herbert
					Jerry Conner
					David Goshorn
					Deirdre Root
Dolly Operator				Deirdre Root
Cat Wrangler				Kathleen Franklin
Special Effects				Lloyd Eldred
Special Lighting Effects		John Franklin
					Deirdre Root
Poster Art				Chris Impink
Box Design				Lloyd Eldred
Titles 					Lloyd Eldred
Footage Cataloger			Deirdre Root
Hair Design				Amy Sheets
Gopher					Deirdre Root
Grip					Eric Pawtowski

Thanks to				Modern Technology Corporation
					Virginia Tech
					The Cellar
					Wright State University
					Stephanie Burk
					Patricia Ellison
					Don Sexton

Copyright (c) 1995-1997, Lloyd B. Eldred
All Rights Reserved
Private individuals are permitted to make one copy of this
film for their personal use. Commercial copying is prohibited.
Non-commercial showing of this film is also permitted, i.e.
fan run conventions and public access cable channels.

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